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Hosted by Rocky Roark
For the love of design, the thrill of freelancing, and the pursuit of career growth. The Design Break podcast is your weekly inspiration for freelance and design.This is some text inside of a div block.
Rocky Roark explores his personal design blunders to help you avoid making the same mistakes. He dives into one big mistake he made with Cards Against Humanity, the effects of going on a freelancing hiatus, and more!
29 Mins
Rocky Roark dives into how to handle changes in your career and how they can be an agent for so much good.
26 Mins
Rocky Roark is joined by Mike Jones to talk about how the pandemic affected Creative South and what the event will look like going forward.
37 Mins
Rocky Roark is joined by Mike Jones for a deep dive into Creative South.
42 Mins
On this week's episode, Rocky Roark dives into the world of design subscriptions.
50 Mins
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